To hit a lick means that you are going to or have already, gained money, or something worth money or value, most likely illegally or stealing.
J: Hey, did you hear Rick made like $100 off that phone he got?
D: Damn! He hit a lick.
by BeccajBud December 3, 2015
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To rob or burglarize someone or something. Prison terminology used by
jerks that got out of the joint and picked up by there friends.
Me and OG wanted to hit a lick so we
picked up some dudes and jack rolled them.
by cal da lick July 25, 2003
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To gain a lot of money in a short amount of time (often illegal)
Playboi Carti: "i just hit a lick with a mask, MF DOOM (RIP)"
by REDDSKKKNROSERISE January 12, 2021
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it when you go down and rob tha liquor store. or to do something to make alota cash real quick.
yo man im bout have ta hit a lick just ta pay rent this month.


yo we need ta hit a lick or sumpthin, im bout outta doe.
by datnigga2time April 1, 2007
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Term where one makes a copious amount of money by facilitating a transaction of some sort.
(drug dealer raver1) I just sold them kids a hundred pack of beans for like 2300.00. (drug dealer raver2)You just hit a lick off dem cats!

I just hit a fuck1n lick from selling that sled to them old foaks!
by Un10nCarb1d4 May 8, 2009
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