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A sick ass ( FIRME INDIVIDUAL) with no regards for human life or living organisms: Smooth talking , G-walking , Blasted up , Body Bagging , Psychopathic caniving Loco From La Colonia Industrialx3 . ˈ
noun: felon; plural noun: felons
a person who has been convicted of a felony.
synonyms: convict, crook, criminal, outlaw; More
malefactor, wrongdoer;
informalcon , chigon , Me, Hustler , Wise Business men , natural born leader, dictator ,transero , cut throat vato , organized cold calculating criminal, A Mañoso ,Maniaco , over achieving high self esteem brain washer .
Judge !! You can't be serious of letting this person go free ? He is a well known validated Felon . Judge Re: I can't hold him with no evidence against him .
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by ESE Garlen aka ESE Felon December 19, 2016

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