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1. The preparation of fecal matter.
2. The act of defecation.
3. To pass gas.

A-hole 1: Dude, what is that smell?
A-hole 2: Oh sorry, I am fecalating.
by B. C. January 22, 2008
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A metaphysical device that functions by taking taking perfectly good situations and turning them to shit.

While fecalators have never actually been seen, such devices must exist in order to explain situations where everything seems to go to Hell.
Alphonse: "Hey, Gaston! Is the copier up?"

Gaston: "Naw. Someone must of left the fecalator on."
by H. M. Meinschaftgefullenburger September 24, 2009
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"I was so angry at that asshole that I decided to fecalize his house!"
by brentionary March 18, 2009
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1. fecal (adj.): of, relating to, or resembling feces
2. fecal (adj.): of or relating to the 'fecus'--the deeper region of the anus, where the feces reside
3. fecal (noun): feces (short for 'fecal-matter')
4. fecal (noun): a shitty handprint (pronounced fee-kal) - this is presumably a combination of the two terms 'fecal' and 'decal'
1. "Most people believe that it is impossible to subsist on fecal matter, but this is simply not the case!"; "this chocolate bar is disturbingly fecal in appearance"
2. "Bryan can't resist stuffing a finger or two while he masturbates... He's always giving himself the ol' 'fecal-teeckle'"
3. "holy lord, Bryan, stop eating that sandwich and go wash your hands!.. You've got fecal all over them!"
4. "Hahaha, Smitty got drunk last night, filled a bucket full of his own feces, and ran around campus slapping fe-cals on every car windshield he could find"
by squiggular August 8, 2018
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When a normal conversation turns into poop jokes
Before we knew it, the conversation was riddled with fecalism.
by tammythemanslayer June 3, 2021
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The act of excreting fecal matter out of ones anus. i.e. to shit
Man, I got to get to the bathroom before I fecalate in my pants.
by fracex January 22, 2007
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(also as a verb) to fecal.
After I ate those fish sticks and ice ceram I needed to fecal like mad.
by Doombot October 27, 2003
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