1)to surf, skate, or skim a wave really well
2)to go for it
3)to hit a bowl, bong, or blunt really hard
1)Dude, i totally just ripped it on that wave.
2)Rip It man, what do you have to lose?
3)Wow, you just cleared that bowl, way to rip it.
by rippin braghhh September 16, 2007
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a cheap type of energy drink that only costs $ 1.00 a can. but is still pretty good tasting and an easy way to get energy quick
dude 1- this rip it is pretty good
dude 2- can i have some
umm NO
by big Chad March 6, 2008
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To fart, i.e. to release an intestinal gas via the anus.
Dude, did you just rip it?
Yeah man, I just had three bean burritos.
by jiao May 22, 2006
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When a dog runs laps around your yard or house, typically at full speed, for no apparent reason. Highly entertaining to watch.
Buster and I were playing fetch, and then all of a sudden he got the rips! It was hilarious!
by C. Smith December 9, 2007
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