Jacky is an incredibly sweet guy. No matter what you do, he always seems to say the most perfect thing at the perfect moment. He's very smart, funny, athletic, and his smile is infectious. Extremely loyal, he will make a true effort to talk to you and understand you. Around his friends, he is a bit different and not as talkative, but when you're alone with him, it's not awkward at all.
Jacky's so sweet, I'm glad he's in my life.
by 'onlyoneoption' January 27, 2019
Jacky usually a smart, intelligent, sexy, beautiful girl she will most likely have amazing talent for singing or any type of music. Jacky's eyes are usually dark like there hair and will have guys fall all over her but dont get excited Jacky's are like butterflies lovely to see but hard to catch
"Wow that girl Jacky is Gorgeous"!
Good luck shes a Jacky"!!
by vannesakalyrics January 4, 2015
Jacky is pretty darn awesome. I nerd at heart. Has lots of rad friends. And music is her life.
by WhatANerd__ July 29, 2009
Jacky is the most beautiful girl you will ever know, She’ll stand out from all the other girls and you won’t want anyone else but her once you see her. She’s tall, gorgeous, has long flowing dark hair, and an amazing personality with the most adorable laugh. She’s funny, smart, and beautiful. She’s a great kisser too if you’re wondering. You'll think you will never have a chance with her but if you try you might just get lucky like me. She’s a little shy but once she gets comfortable with you she will let loose and it’ll be the cutest thing ever. If you ever get the chance with one don’t mess it up because she’s one In a million. You’ll feel like the luckiest guy on the planet if you ever get a chance to be with one.
Wow he’s dating Jacky? What a lucky guy, It must be nice.
by Dr11 March 24, 2020
1. An absolute bitch who only cares about herself

2. Often times is a hoarder

3. Why the fuck does she always paint her nails and knit
1. Jacky is such a fucking bitch
2. Why the fuck does Jackys kid hate balloons
by Peggggyyyyyyy August 2, 2019
A person who gets all they can for their money.
"HEY! How come my lobster is smaller?"
"wow... you are such a Jacky!"
by Brian T. July 11, 2008