Faiza is a beautiful girl who deserves happiness in her life she is a strong girl who has fought battles since she was born .

Faiza is the best thing you’ve ever come across .
Bitch if you ever talk about Faiza she’ll beat your stinking ass up
Faiza is a beautiful person , even her enemies think that.

Faiza is awesome
by Itsjustafaze July 23, 2018
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Faiza is the best and any guy would be lucky to have her. She is tough but is really sweet on the inside once you get to know her. You will never meet someone else as caring and cute as faiza and she will never let you go no matter what you put her through. She deserves the universe, but doesn't realize how great she is. Faiza is beautiful and sexy as fuck but doesnt like to admit it because shes too shy to say that she is. If you could be with any girl forever, faiza would be the number one option, the girl above everyone else; perfection.
if faiza ever leaves i will torture her in inhumane ways and slaughter her.
by wagdhfsghg June 21, 2021
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She a cocky, she might be shy when you first meet her, but she's a ride or die bitch you're gonna wish you had met earlier on in life

She's talented AF, she's probably smart but she never want to say, and she always starting up fights and arguments with people

She's too fucking logical for her own good

She's open minded and accepts people dispite their appearance and she doesn't like judging because she gets judges a lot

She's insecure but she hides and fights and beats people asses when they talk shit to her

She's not afraid to speak her mind, and it gets her in trouble all the time

Faiza the best shit to cross your life
Person 1: Yo Faiza's really funny right?
Person 2: Don't talk about her or she'll beat your ass.

Person 1 gets their ass beaten anyways.
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Faiza is a funny girl. She tends to be committed to herself. Faiza has an amazing personality, she cares about close ones more than she cares about herself. Family means everything to Faiza, Faiza is a beautiful girl, her eyes her facial structure is just beautiful, Faiza has a nice big ass, God bless you if you get a Faiza in your life.
Wow did you see Faiza at the gym today? Such a fine ass
by SweetOneMagnet February 5, 2020
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Faiza is both inner and outer beauty.
Faiza is open minded.
Faiza is always supportive to her friends.
Those who have bestie like Faiza is always lucky Tamatar❤
by Seedah sadah shareef November 24, 2021
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A lot of people are after me. But my heart belongs to one special guy. His name is Faiz and we are soulmates. Sooner or later we are going to end up together.
Faiza and Faiz will live happily after forever and always.
by itsfaizaalright May 22, 2022
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Faiza is a girl who is obsessed with a Amelia money and is gay for her she would lick her pum and drink it
Faiza is gay
by Faizarealtrappy September 6, 2019
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