To really like or have loving feelings for a person; to fancy another
So you're sweet on her aren't you?

I'm sweet on this guy. He brings me joy.
by Jonesin4Ya December 17, 2009
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"sweet on" is the definition like "rock on" which basicly means right on and thats so sweet at the same time. first used by Jason Chicoine a junior high history teacher.
dude this skate vid is ausome! response: "SWEET ON!"
by Jonny Boothe December 19, 2004
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sweet and rock on at the same time.
first used by Jason Chicoine.
you just heard an awsome CD.
responce:sweet on!!!
by pinkboy April 28, 2005
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This term generally refers to a state of excellence and awesomeness set above others. When it was first put to use by myself it was a combination of Rock On and Sweet. Unlike the previous definition, this form of it usually implies more of a state of mellowness and success, in that all has come together, rather than a state has just been activated. A word often used for esteem. Can generally be used for a variety of successes, big and small. It's meaning is emphasized when used in repetition.
Another: Check it out the burgers looked cooked.
You: Sweet on, Dudeman, sweet on.

Another: Great show, man. You really did awesome.
You: Sweet on, you know me.

Another: You should have seen it, we rocked them.
You: Really? Sweet on.
by Gibbins July 6, 2004
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Refers to a the genitals and sexual fluids of either gender
Timothy: Would you like to swallow my sweet-sweetness my dear?

Geri: Oooooo my sweet-sweetness is so wet for you!
by TimothyRainbow August 13, 2011
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Second most common phrase in New Zealand after "awesome". Said when someting is rather good instead of just "good" or "OK". Often followed by "bro".
How was the surf at Ragland yesterday?
Sweet As bro
by hmvgasman June 4, 2006
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