Doing something cruel and feeling zero regrets after.
Choking a dog is inhumane.
by idkwhyimhere July 16, 2015
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When a certain individual unlocks something within them, enabling them to do supernatural things.
I just figured out her secret, she's an inhuman.
by unworthy girl January 25, 2019
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Something that is not right for humans to endure
Heather and I had inhumane sex! I widened her vagianl opening with my whole leg!
by Bouje September 5, 2017
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An act that is unlawful and cruel.
Lilly: "I can't believe he fucks her with a severed horse penis!! How inhumane!!!!"
Rochelle: "I don't know, I kind of wish I could be fucked inhumanely."
by Pub-er-ty September 6, 2017
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Losing all mercy,care, and hope for the world and look at everything as dark and logical.
How could you?! Wheres your humanity?!
i don't have humanity. I HAVE INHUMANITY!
by Gregadot January 4, 2017
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A group of hero/anti-hero mutates who have historically guest starred in the X-Men and Fantastic Four comics every so often. They got their own comic book and eventually a TV show, despite the fact that no one really cares about them. At all.
"Hey did you hear the news? The Inhumans are getting a TV show!"
by Mikgwerd April 5, 2018
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A person unfit to be called a human being, due to being racist, cruel, rapists, offenders, holding crimes; such as shootings and massacres; taking away a life, etc.
He is an inhuman, he mudered those people with no regret.

That group is made up of inhumans, they are against non-whites.
by Heru101 February 23, 2017
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