Creating a relationship or taking possession of another person with “fuck ownership”, “fuck owning”.
*pronounced: “Phone”, “Phoned

“At first the were just hanging out now it’s fowned

“He was FOWNed into marriage.”

“We have to recognize that people aren’t really bonded quite as often as they’re fowned. End fowning!”
by mattanaw July 20, 2021
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Jake: Omg you just got fowned
Forrest: Fowned?
by Tai376 April 15, 2005
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"Fuckin' Owned."
barthamule: you know the word owned right?
alfred: yes. owned as in, someone just totally treated you.
barthamule: yea, well my dad asked me why i don't say fowned. fowned. like fuckin' owned.
alfred: wow that's awesome. I'm totally gonna use it. barthamule you've got little balls. DAMN I JUST FOWNED YOU!
barthamule: ohemgee.. you're lame.
alfred: i love this aim convo so much i'm gonna post it in a myspace bulletin.
barthamule: no. don't. i don't feel like being embarrassed. i'm not in the mood.
alfred: ohhh, you don't want anyone else knowing you've got tiny balls.
barthamule: don't post it. just say what fowned means. make it look like a dictionary entry. the meaning and place of origin.
alfred: or i'll just put it on urbandictionary.
*couple seconds later.*
alfred: bullshit!
barthamule: i just looked it up. ohemeffgee.
alfred: shitake mushrooms. whatever. i'm gonna define it again.
barthamule: don't use my name. there's rapists out there. for example use a funny like name like alfred.. or barthamule.
by AMBERRRR. June 13, 2008
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When a horse is put down for being lame
"My horse was fowned last week" said Tessa.
by FRM1992 April 9, 2011
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Slang for the smartphone. We connect to information like facebook, music and video through these devices, they are so much more than phones.
fown me back
by chrspe March 16, 2011
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A person who is unaware that he's a homosexual. In other words, for people who act gay who don't know that they're gay as hell.
Hey do you see that guy Dominic?

He's a f**king fown.
by JASPOISREAL March 30, 2022
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