Little Ball Sucker Macceh - One who persistently tries to own as hard as b0 and Mezza.
Macceh is a Little Ball Sucker
by anon February 28, 2004
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The act of terrorism by people named Ben while purple minions run around chucking baseballs at you and you stand back in fear saying we come in peace!
REN Bosenthal is a little man ball player.
by Ren bosy May 25, 2022
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When some one is being a silly little slime ball
This phrase can be used in many different contexts such as
“Stop being a silly little slime ball

“Stop being a very silly little slime ball

“Quit being a silly little slime ball”

“I wanna suck your silly little slime balls”
by ShaqcocOnile June 30, 2022
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When someone's eye is slightly more closed than the other.
"Yo Abby is mad dick big balls little in that photo."

"When yo dick big but yo balls little."
by ChickenTeryaki225 August 2, 2023
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Descriptive of the male ejaculation process.
I got laid last night. For the first time finally experienced Heaven in two little balls.
by 11penny September 26, 2021
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An offensive term used for a man who has very small balls
That guy has little balls
by hairy penus January 7, 2018
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