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The greatest genre of music ever! A lot of people have been giving this genre shit saying it's "not metal." Those losers are only judging a book by its cover and not listening to the music itself. Some kick ass guitarists who are heavily underrated for being part of the scene are: C.C DeVille, Vito Bratta, Richie Sambora, Tracii Guns, Joey Allen, Reb Beach, George Lynch, Nuno Bettencourt, Mick Mars, Oz Fox, Ronni Le Tekro, Vinnie Vincent, even Slash! I could go on forever. And there are some awesome vocalists like Sebastian Bach, Michael Matijevic, David Coverdale, Bret Michaels, etc.

On a side note: what the hell does everyone have against Poison? Just because they wore makeup, they are gay? Just because Bret Michaels is an amazing singer, he is effeminate? Just because they were mainstream with hits like "Nothin But a Good Time" (my favorite song), "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", "Talk Dirty to Me", "Unskinny Bop", etc, they are crap sellouts? People should just appreciate the music for the music itself. Value what a guitar legend C.C. DeVille was and still is. Maybe people are just jealous because they have never gotten laid before.

Furthermore, I think people are coming of as huge hypocrites when they say they hate glam metal but think Van Halen Guns N Roses and Def Leppard are metal gods.
Some great Glam Metal Bands: Poison, White Lion, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Winger, Warrant, Bon Jovi, Cinderella, Ratt, Dokken, Extreme Firehouse, Steelheart, Faster Pussycat, W.A.S.P., Van Halen, Scorpions, Def Leppard, Guns N Roses, Quiet Riot, LA Guns, Twisted Sister, Bulletboys, Britny Fox, Europe, Whitesnake, TNT, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Danger Danger, Enuff Z'Nuff, Great White, Trixter, Roxx Gang, Slaughter, Pretty Boy Floyd, Kix, Tesla, Stryper, Vixen, and Autograph. Kiss, Aerosmith, and Alice Cooper are NOT glam metal.
by shadesgordon January 12, 2011
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a band that is generally underrated because of the ballad "More Than Words." hardly anyone sees the awesomeness of this band unless they worship the guitar god known as Nuno Bettencourt!!
some great Extreme songs that feature some mad awesome guitar are Play With Me (from the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure a well as Guitar Hero Rock the 80s), Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today), Kid Ego, Rest In Peace, Little Girls, Flesh n Blood, Money (In God We Trust), Get the Funk Out, and Pornograffiti
by shadesgordon February 2, 2011
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a freakin awesome hair metal band! their classic lineup featured: vocals- Mike Tramp, guitar- the god known as Vito Bratta, bass- James LoMenzo, drums- Greg D'Angelo.

very underrated and obscure in todays modern world. people generally know them (if they know them at all) for When the Children Cry- which i think is kind of a lame song but it has a nice solo.

now Wait is the real deal!! the solo is almost entirely taping- and tapping melodically not just "hey look at me im tapping im the best guitarist in the world but in reality im just a tool!" no!! check out a youtube video of the solo!
goddam Vito Bratta is an insane fucking guitarist he's right up there with EVH and Yngwie Malmsteen!!

best songs by White Lion: Wait, Little Fighter, Tell Me, Radar Love, Lonely Nights, Hungry
by shadesgordon February 2, 2011
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A band that used to be fantastic.

Maroon 5 actually formed at the camp I used to go to (French Woods Festival) and released a phenomenal first album in Songs About Jane. It's hard to describe exactly how much that album means to me. It was one of my favorite CD's back when I was growing up, and I still love that album! It stands the test of time that well! The songs (with the exception of "Must Get Out" and "She Will Be Loved") were/are very well written both musically and lyrically. The sound on that album is basically like a mix of funk, alternative, and pop-rock. The result: one of the most unique albums of this generation.

However lately, they have been drifting further and further away from that classic sound I know and love to the point where I feel uncomfortable still referring to this band as "Maroon 5". Their songs have become really watered down and stripped from everything I liked about Songs About Jane. I've reached the conclusion that the band needs to break up so singer, Adam Levine can go solo and continue to go down this sell-out route himself. It's not like he NEEDS the name "Maroon 5" for recognition. For fuck's sake, he's the only guy anyone gives a shit about. And he's a judge on The Voice, so he's big enough of a celebrity on his own.
Maroon 5 today is basically an Adam Levine solo project. While I don't mind when "Moves Like Jagger" comes on the radio if by any chance I am even listening (it's actually pretty fuckin' catchy!), this isn't the Maroon 5 that I've been a fan of since elementary school- and am still a fan of to this date.

If you asked me what my favorite Maroon 5 song is, I would say "The Sun". The lyrics are wonderful, I like the tone, I like the beat, and I like whatever amp setting the guitar is played through. Unfortunately, we won't be hearing songs like that from them ever again unless they get their shit together. We'll just be stuck with songs like "Payphone" and "One More Night". Despite my feelings about what this band has done in recent years, nothing will affect my judgement of Songs About Jane, an album in consider to be a classic.

I miss early Maroon 5.
by shadesgordon January 23, 2013
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the worst band ever.

fronted by a cunt who cant sing and more imporanyly cant play guitar for shit. features one of the most overrated drummers (who also cant sing for shit) and a bassist who no one gives a shit about.

famous for the most overplayed, shittiest, gayest song ever, Smells Like Teen Spirit. Nirvana changed rock n roll for the worse. all the shitty nu metal (fake metal) and pop puke and alternative bands all took inspiration in both music and lyrics from this faggy band. they are also the reason why emos are so common.

they are also severely overrated. they are not and were NEVER the best band of the 90s or the greatest shit since the beatles. they werent!! they killed hair metal (the best musical genre) and were proud of it. their songs are overplayed and the three muskaqueers are all overrated- they actually suck at their instruments. the hair bands didnt! they actually had fucking talent, something that people today frown upon for some gay reason. deep depresing lyrics does not make you cool!

metal was living its greatest decade until this fag came along and sucked MTV's dick. MTV then turned on the hair bands after all they did and fucked themselves up for the worse. MTV sucked from then on until the present day.
NIRVANA FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! hair metal lives on forever, grunge is gay talentless and DEAD!!! rot in hell, cobain. stop being a faggot, dave grohl.

Nirvana ruined music. end of story

whether you fags like it or not, kurt was emo. he might not have cut himself like a gay fuck, but he sang depressing shit like an emo faggot would do and plays super-simplicit guitar like an emo faggot would. and i praise the lord everyday that he is dead. emos all want to have his imaginary cock in their manginas.
by shadesgordon February 2, 2011
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One of the 4 best hair bands to release a debut in 1990- the other 3 bands being Firehouse, Trixter, and Slaughter. Their most popular song was their ballad "I'll Never Let You Go". The band features my personal all time favorite metal vocalist, Michael Matijevic whose high and soaring vocals were used in the movie Rock Star starring Mark Wahlberg. The band also features Chris Risola, a true guitar virtuoso. Their drummer John Fowler (who is now dead from a coma) also ripped- one of my favorite drummers of the genre.

The band enjoyed their brief moment of fame until Halloween after the release of their second album, Tangled in Reins. They were on tour with Slaughter and Matijevic decided to climb a tree from the set and ended up crashing face first on stage. He got a broken nose, cheekbone, jaw, twisted spine, and severe memory loss. The band's reign of success ended that night.
Some Steelheart songs (from the first album) that totally rip are Everybody Loves Eileen, Rock & Roll (I Just Wanna), Can't Stop Me Loving You, Love Ain't Easy, and the ballads I'll Never Let You Go and She's Gone. Check them out!!
by shadesgordon March 29, 2011
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an underrated hair band from the late 80s and early 90s that featured Ted Poley on vocals, Andy Timmons (awesome) on guitar, Bruno Ravel on bass, Kasey Smith on keyboards, and Steve West on drums.
Danger Danger's two best songs are Naughty Naughty and Bang Bang
by shadesgordon February 2, 2011
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