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A marketing ploy to make kids want to buy things with their parent's money.

Stuff + X-TREME name + SHOUTING VOICES AND CAPITAL LETTERS = Kids' moneys!!1!!
Honestly, why would you want regular, plain ol' boring yogurt when you could get... X-TREME YOGURT!!! A blast of nondescript flavorings and bacteria IN YOUR MOUTH!!!
by Kurumi August 17, 2004
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A guy who likes guys, or a girl who likes girls. There's nothing wrong with it, unfortunately some people assume that because homosexuals are different, they are bad and/or wrong. Many men fear them because they represent a small part of themselves. Women usually don't mind them.
He knew his childhood friend was a homosexual, so he had to insult him to keep his hetero friends off his back, even though he was secretly attracted to him.
by Kurumi September 22, 2003
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Basically means, in emotospeak, "O....kay." "O_o" can be used also.
Dude1: and then i fucked her cat!
Dude2: ._. right...
by Kurumi September 22, 2003
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An arrogant n00bie, who tries to outdo a vet.
n00b: u don't know wut ur talking about, bush is the best prez evar!1!
Vet: STFU, cran!
by Kurumi September 22, 2003
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Femslash is the female version of slash, where instead of two guys, it's two girls. Basically, lesbians. Like slash, pairings are usually written in the top/bottom format.
"D00d, I just found an awesome femslash, it's Rei/Amy and Minako/Amy!"
by Kurumi September 22, 2003
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Datespeak for "I'm breaking up with you."
by Kurumi September 22, 2003
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