Rest In Peace (shortened to RIP) is a common phrase used to pay respects to someone who has passed away.
Person One: "Did you hear about that person who died during an act of terrorism?"

Person Two: "Oh yeah, that was sad. RIP."


Girl: "Hey my grandma died yesterday...."

Guy: "Oh rest in peace Granny P."
by :yello: July 8, 2020
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Phrase that used to be used at funerals when someone passed away, is now used on social media to milk attention and pity from “followers” or “friends”, posted as if it is supposed to be said to the dead person who won’t see it.
“Rest in Peace Grandpa John”
Your grandpa John is dead and won’t see this post.
by TheAlwaysCorrect1 February 6, 2023
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1. Wishing someone was (almost) dead - at least to you.
2. Holler that if an old girl-/boyfriend (in other words: your ex) simply won´t leave you alone and starts stressing you out.
3. Abbreviate like this: RIPPLS
Ex: "Jennie, you should really give me another chance - I have changed!"
Jennie: "Douchebags don´t change. Just leave me alone."
Ex: "But Jennie, the least you could do is to give me your new cell phone number. Why have you changed phones, anyway?"
Jennie: "Oh, rest in peace, please!"
by Jazmataz January 14, 2008
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Very desperate exclamation when an annoying and extremely obnoxious person just won´t leave you alone.

Girl: Thilo, why won´t you just leave me alone?!? You are an ugly fuckwit.
Thilo: You know you want it, baby.
Girl: Rest in peace, please!
by Jazmataz1980 May 14, 2008
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