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The piling on of more and more shit i.e. in a work environment. This came to me while I was thinking about the ongoing difficulties one of our senior managers was causing. We were working on a project for her and every time we were close to completion, she would change her mind or make more and more outrageous requests. The word is a combination of incremental and excrement. So the next time you are in a situation of any kind where the shit keeps mounting, you my friend, are in an excremental situation.
The project will not be completed due to the excremental shenanigans of our boss.
by Hopeyalikeit October 17, 2013
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a nonprofane way of calling someone a shithead,stinking thinking,shit for brains,heads in the toilet.
john is excremental when it comes to money,he spends without thinking.
by john boy schuller. August 12, 2007
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A word that describes something that is outright bullshit or a load of rubbish, with excremental relating to fecal matter, the pure definition of shit. Something excremental is so untrue that it makes you slowly lose hope in humanity, results in immediate laughter, and makes you question whether or not you are hearing things.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear that a professor who has a Ph.D. in pseudoscience discovered that humans are descended from giant alien hawks from the 6th Dimension? That's means that humans are really multi-dimensional birds!
Person 2 (internal thoughts): I just can't describe how excremental that statement is...I mean, how could anyone be so hopelessly dumb?
Person 2: **Bursts out laughing uncontrollably.**
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by Flaminghorse June 18, 2019
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