It's the initials of the buffest man alive--Justin Timberlake...
Have you heard J.T's new song?
by Ebony_babe November 05, 2003
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Beautiful and elegant young man that is not inconsiderate nor selfish, however he is a excellent athlete and colleague.

he also has a huge penis 8=====================D . He absurdly handsome and makes all girls horny asf. The straight girth of his pecker is abnormal and causes earth's orbit to alter after extreme hypogenic shock and its orbit resembles an oval rather than a circle. It also causes intergalactic shockwaves
by shlongman69 February 12, 2021
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A bad ass mothafucker who you better not fuck around with or he will punch the living fucking day light out of you .
all woman want him he has 8 1/2 inches and is a master at gettin the chicks

by j.t.s man June 06, 2009
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J T is also known as Just Tiny. A guy who has a two inch pincher(small dick).
I was feeling him up and all I felt was his ball sack and then I felt it. I couldn't believe it was so small, and you know I don't date dwarfs, so I dumped that J.T.!
by JasonBeRACINGmeatspin December 01, 2010
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J.T. Day is celebrated annually on the 10th of September. The weekend before (or of, in the event the 10th is a weekday) and the weekend after are also celebrated. Activities include drinking Justin Timberlake's tequila, 901; listening to Justin Timeberlake records; dancing; wearing bow ties; and enjoying life more than anyone else.

The holiday is officially called Two Weekends of J.T. Day. However, it is generally shortened to just J.T. Day.

It was first celebrated in Lawrence, Kansas in 2006.
Thomas: You comin' out for J.T. Day tomorrow?
Stranger: J.T. Day?
Thomas: . . . Just bring tequila and dancing shoes.
by Thomas J. H. September 07, 2011
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