untrue, false. Gossip untrue.
by pseudonym untrue April 28, 2013
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Randomly interrupting a conversation with a complete random lie to try to convince as many people in the room that it is true.

If you detect an Untrue Fact you reply saying "Untrue Fact yeah?"

If you reply saying something like "seriously mate?" your a fucking idiot.
Here lads did you know in 2003 Italy was the first country in the world to successfully clone a horse that is capable of understanding basic algebra?


No "Untrue Fact" you dick!
by Leeto.and.HarveyMilk November 22, 2010
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When one Scrobble more songs than is possible, given the maximum time that can be used to listen to music daily, to gain more respect from your last.fm friends.
F: Hey, dude, why do you play mp3's, even when you're not at home?
O: Oh, just to get a higher scrobble count on last.fm
F: You are a freaking Untrue Listener, you bastard!
by Überbarista April 27, 2011
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Untrue love is when someone thinks they love you but don't have any priority to put their lover first. Their lover is always 2nd and their feelings are not important. Untrue love is when your lover doesn't keep their word and turns every negative thing they do on the person they claim to love in an attempt to make them feel guilty. Untrue love is when your lover plays with your mind. The love is not genuine or real. Their lover is more like a possession that they don't love would hate to lose.
Untrue love from your boyfriend is when he says they are coming to see you and leave you sitting and waiting for six hours and never show up. They stand you up almost every time they say they are coming to see you. They call the next day with an excuse and accuse you of being inconsiderate because you are upset that you we're left waiting and just wanted to see him. Your boyfriend is not there for you when you get bad news from the doctor and never held you or helped to heal your broken heart for the painful loss you endured. He is not there for you emotionally or helpful in a financial crisis. Everything is about his life and everything is on his time. You feelings and heart mean nothing next to his.
by Heartbroken September 6, 2015
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1) A totaly meaningless phrase

2) What someone important about a truth to try and get out of it.

3) "I'm lying"
Asked directly in a telephone interview if he brought up the prospect of Palin suffering from post-partum depression, Schmidt said: “His allegation that I was defaming Palin by alleging post-partum depression at the campaign headquarters is categorically untrue. In fact, I think it rises to the level of a slander because it’s about the worst thing you can say about somebody who does what I do for a living.”
by irishtenor1 July 2, 2009
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