Taken from the word Vpower, describing something that is not just good but extremly powerful.


Dave "Check out the rack on that chick"

Doug "Veep"


Frank - "ive managed to get my boss to pick up the phone after 3 months of trying"

Will - "Veep"
by naughtybarry July 10, 2008
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A smartly-written show on HBO starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Although she plays the Vice President of the United States - hence the "Veep" show title, she might as well be playing Elaine from Seinfeld because she plays a character on Veep who is almost identical to Elaine's personality and mannerisms - with the delightful bonus of the gratuitous use of the word fuck.
Viewer 1: Hey, why is Elaine sitting in the Oval Office?

Viewer 2: It's not Seinfeld, dude. It's Veep!
by Grant Rampus July 08, 2016
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