Slang for V.P., or "Vice President."
One thing about Cheney as Veep - he and Dubya go together like peas and carrots.
by Rod Brock July 24, 2006
A smartly-written show on HBO starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Although she plays the Vice President of the United States - hence the "Veep" show title, she might as well be playing Elaine from Seinfeld because she plays a character on Veep who is almost identical to Elaine's personality and mannerisms - with the delightful bonus of the gratuitous use of the word fuck.
Viewer 1: Hey, why is Elaine sitting in the Oval Office?

Viewer 2: It's not Seinfeld, dude. It's Veep!
by Grant Rampus July 8, 2016
A white Jeep Grand Cherokee or any other Jeep brand car that is in desperate need of a name
Hey what’s your jeep’s name?
Oh I couldn’t think of one so I named it veep
by Veep queen April 22, 2019
(Noun) A person who appears professional and profound...until they open their mouth. Usually in a manner that is highly NSFW and/or filled with sexual innuendo.

(Verb) ‘To veep’ or ‘Veeping’ To say normal ideas/concepts as inappropriate and as sexually insinuating as possible. Usually to aid in memorizing said ideas/concepts.
A: “Hey, wanna check out this mnemonic I made for lymph nodes?”
B: “Sure.”
A: “All People Like Cumming In Asses”
B: “Urgh! You’re such a veep!”


C: “Oh, he seems like a decent guy. Lawyer, nice beard, good public speaking skills.”
B: “Pass, bitch. I’ve met him and he’s always veeping.”
C: “Oh, my God.”
by OLFUVAL879 November 2, 2019
The word that rabbits around the world say in perfect harmony.
"What the hell?"
by I don't have one. August 30, 2003
Taken from the word Vpower, describing something that is not just good but extremly powerful.


Dave "Check out the rack on that chick"

Doug "Veep"


Frank - "ive managed to get my boss to pick up the phone after 3 months of trying"

Will - "Veep"
by naughtybarry July 11, 2008
a deep v neck found on tops or dresses.
''damn mate that girl has a sick veep on her''
by javakroepoek March 12, 2020