used to discribe importance
"that was the biggest fart in ever!"
by Carodizzle December 27, 2008
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saying something you're not

like I'm not broke. Or I'm not your sister
ever the broke
ever the sis
by fLyingpancakd July 17, 2017
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a slang term for the phrase "never that" or i will never do that.
Jamal: Yo bro you wanna snort some coke?
Mikey: Nah man, ever that.
by nykid1313 January 20, 2007
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An awesome person to meet and the most handsome person you will ever meet. Theirs no one like him. Very good with girls too!
by joey hans December 23, 2016
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Ever means not or never 😭

(Its a philly thing)
Friend- You and ya boo cute
Me-Ever the cute😭
by Belllaaasss.s August 7, 2017
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The king of all pimps and hoes. He owns 3 albino tigers. If you were fricked by Ever you may be abale to compensate over 9 million dollars if you hole was ripped.
Ever is going crazy in that room with somebody.
by Ever(name) November 6, 2019
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