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Any text in a script that the speaker is not familiar with. Often used on 4chan to describe the Japanese language.
Nine pages of crazy moon language later, I have not found anything by the same artist.
by Logical Dash August 21, 2005

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To make stuff up on the spot.
Can be applied to nearly anything--music, writing, lying, whatever.
I riffed up an excuse as to why I didn't show up... she laid off eventually.
by Logical Dash August 08, 2005

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All people whose existence the speaker deigns to acknowledge. Generally limited to those with similar interests and vocabulary.
Everybody knows that Super Metroid is the greatest game ever made. (everybody = video gamers who have played Super Metroid, whose favorite genre is the adventure-platformer)

Everybody lost money in the dotcom bust. (everybody = investors in the dotcom bubble)
by Logical Dash February 09, 2006

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(1)An offensively normal person.

(2)One who mindlessly follows the crowd, even to the point of letting down or betraying his friends.
(1)You don't really need an iPod, it just makes you a statistic.

(2)You won't D&D with us, just cause it's evil? You fucking statistic!
by Logical Dash June 07, 2006

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To acknowledge a statement by not replying.

The assumption is that all involved heard/read what was said (as would usually be the case on small Usenet newsgroups), all agreed upon it enough not to object, and no one had any objections, so the statement is presumed to have been heard and acknowledged.
Guy: "Revenge of the Sith was the worst movie ever."
Group: "..." <-- usenet nod
Guy: "No one liked it? Good."
by Logical Dash January 28, 2006

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The occult art of changing the meaning of things by writing or stamping things on pieces of paper and moving them around. A skilled papermaster might give himself the privilege to drive, or make himself a citizen of many nations. Regrettably, most budding papermasters sell their souls and become file clerks instead.
I worked a bit of papercraft, and now I can drink legally!
by Logical Dash February 22, 2006

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