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Trogdor is a wingaling dragon, with special beefy arm and burnination powers.

Long live the dragon.
Trogdor was a man, um... he was a... dragon-man!!!!Or...maybe...he was just a dragon, but he was still...
Burninating the country-side,
Burninating the Pheasents!
Burninating all the people,
and their thatched-roof COTTAGES!!!

And then the Trogdor comes in the NIIIIIIGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

by Trogdor April 23, 2004

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i) Food staple, ususally associated with asian countries but consumed worldwide.

ii) A car, usually a late model of japanese origin, that has had numerous features added to it that may enhance its looks, but do nothing for its performance.
Examples include "VTEC" and "Mugen" stickers, large spoilers, chrome wheels ( see also bling bling ), large diameter exhaust pipes,
clear brake light lenses and lowered springs.

iii) Individual features of a car noted in (ii) above
i) "I'd like a number 24 with sweet & sour sauce, 3 spring rolls and a bowl of rice please"

ii) Look at that Civic!. It's pure rice!

iii) Don't put that huge spoiler on your car dude, it's 100% rice.
by Trogdor November 17, 2003

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A very good game, with revolutionary level design..which unlike most games, levels are not friggin SYMETRICAL!!Surprisingly many games use symetrical level designs. It won awards for that so don't argue
The best friggin game of 2002; It is my intention to play metroid prime for several hours
by Trogdor June 19, 2003

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Shortened term for
My giners dry!
by Trogdor June 03, 2003

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1. A nickname for detroit a.k.a. best hockey city in the world.
2. Home of Detroit Red Wings, winner of 10 Stanley Cups including 1997, 1998, 2002.
3. Home of some of the best talent in the NHL including Hatcher, Yzerman, Shannahan, Chelios, Larionov, Lidstrom, Hull, and is Re-adding goile Dominik Hasek. Also, in th past, Lindsay, Howe, and many others.
The 2004 Stanley cup will be won by the boys in hockeytown.
by Trogdor August 08, 2003

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A declaration that is made emphatically; without question and beyond doubt.
"she told him off in spades"
by Trogdor November 04, 2003

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another way to say vagina
My vergina is tight.
by Trogdor June 03, 2003

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