when a couple is so cute they resemble your mom and dad 💪🏼 GOALSS
"OMG Jack and Madison are so cute! They are my mom and dad!"
by yabitchwhoknows November 5, 2015
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The last people you want to see having sex together
"Mom and dad are such assholes, they won't even let me have a sleepover at Chris's house
by The cat from under your bed November 16, 2020
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when you are about to rat on your parents for something they dont want other people to hear.
my mom and dad called you round eye.
by nobody else here March 21, 2017
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The most uncomfortable,yet entertaining sex education show on MTV
This week, on Sex with mom and dad

Girl: I love sex
Mom: Sex is bad
Doctor: How do you feel about that?
by screamofeen19 May 19, 2009
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place where your mom and dad go to FUCK when they tell you that they are going to cash the paycheck
Dad:we'll go to mom and dad's bank ok son!!!
Dad:(whispering to mom)you got the condoms ready??
Mom:hell yeah!!!
by real balla February 24, 2007
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Basically means no, or unlikely to happen.

A mom and dad maybe (aka parental maybe) can be used by anyone for any reason, but is most often used by parents as an answer to a child's question.
EX Mom and Dad Maybe:

Child: Hey, Mom, I don't have any homework, can I spend the night at Jimmy's house?

Mom: Maybe, but it's a school night.
by Dtone157 January 7, 2017
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Phrase meant to rescue from any awkward situation and when repeated enough, makes people who take themself too seriously very angry. Most often used as an iron-clad comeback or avoidance of situation.
Bill: "Well, Obama's economic policy is complete crap, he's a communist."

Bob: "your moms your dad."

Bill: "Ahh...?"
by spencerlovesboys October 8, 2008
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