Fancy word for a place that serves food.
Jeff and Tina ate at one of the bistros downtown. However, due to Jeff's insatiable appetite, Tina gave him something else to eat.
by adrawer August 3, 2008
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This what you say when you don't what your parents to know that you mean bitch.
by jmc_2005 July 13, 2005
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middle-grade marijuana. better than mids, but not as good as danks.
you only have bistros? what happened to those danks you had a couple weeks ago?
by mcdanksalot July 3, 2010
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I'm the bistro in the rap game.
by Bigg $ March 5, 2019
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While recieving fellatio, the reciever either jams his cock to the back of the giver's throat before ejaculation, or the giver willing engulfs the mass of meat to fill the back of her throat. The result is that the penis (like an italian sausage) touches the tonsils at the back her throat while climaxing, leaving a thick coating of his spicy DNA on her tonsils. It is important that this trigger her gag reflex so that she throws up, because if she fails to vomit then it would cease at being the Italian Bistro and become the Tasmanian Tonsil Tickler.

Also, if possible, make sure she has eaten italian food before hand, to add to the authenticity to the act. Even better if one of the participants is Italian.

Probably the greatest sign of affection one's lover can show.
Jennifer was distraught. She didnt know if I loved her or not, and she wanted a sign if I truely cared for her. So I did the only thing that I thought would truely express what I felt in my heart for her: I gave her the Italian Bistro.
by Throbbin P. Ness December 13, 2006
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A male in his late-twenties, sitting in a Starbucks in the mid-afternoon drinking a non-fat, no-whip, extra-hot, easy-water, soy chai latte while blogging on his apple macbook to his dedicated daily internet audience of 3 people and a tabby cat about either: US global domination conspiracy theories and how the invasion of iraq was a sham... or what he plans to cook for dinner later on that night.
Fred: Hey Bistro Bum, why don't you go look for a job instead of freeloading on my couch forever?

BB: No can do Freddo, thousands of people are depending on me to sort through the mass media's neo-capitalist rhetoric and provide them with the straight shooting analysis they need to survive in today's corrupt world. Hey can you lend me four dollars? I'm off to Starbucks.
by MJG-2 August 3, 2008
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