A clear liquid with the following properties:

1) 95% alcohol (190 proof). This means
1 shot everclear = about 2 1/2 shots of most other hard liquors
2) Very flammable
3) Has a warning on the bottle that you should NOT drink it straight
4) Nobody really follows the above warning
5) When poured into a shot and consumed, will burn your throat like battery acid would
6) Mixes very well with juice, creating a potent potable called "jungle juice"
7) Most people generally underestimate its power and drink way too much, resulting in regurgitation of dinner and possible stomach-pumping
8) Is not legal in many states, or in some states only in it's 76.5% (153 proof) form
9) Generally about $15 a fifth, but think how much alcohol you're getting...
10) Everclear will not get that girl drunk to the point where you can hit it. It will get her drunk to the point where she'll puke like there's no tomorrow and probably pass out. Stick with regular liquor in this endeavor.
1 shot and you'll feel like you've been stabbed in the throat.
2 shots is the most you should ever give a girl that you have the intention of hooking up with in the next few hours.
3 shots will probably make you puke like never before if you're some dumb 14 year raiding your alcoholic dad's liquor cabinet.
4 shots will send you to the ER if you're the above person.
5 shots will probably kill the same dumb kid.
6 shots will get a 200 lb. guy pretty wasted.
7 shots will make him puke.
8 shots is my personal record. It resulted in serious loss of dinner and a very bad night and morning.

If you can break double digits, I'll either be really impressed or sending my regards to your family for the tragic loss.
by Nick D October 29, 2003
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195-proof grain alcohol that can run your fucking car with. seriously. very economical in the creation of mixed drinks, as everclear contains about 250% of the alcohol in most other hard liquors, and has no taste besides that of alcohol. Also, one can spit it into a flame and, quite literally, breathe fire. Taking a straight shot of everclear is like swallowing oven cleaner, and has approximately the same effect on the liver.
My roommate drank ten straight shots of everclear last night, and now he's not waking up

He's dead, you dumb fuck
by CO1115 December 22, 2006
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Alcholic drink that killed my brother Jo-Jo.
Noooooo! Jo-Jo!!!!!!
by Eric January 7, 2005
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A drink that is 95% ABV (190 proof)
Common side effects include but are not limited to: loss of balance, stuttering, slurred speech, unfocused sight, violently low judgement, high heart rate, tripping, paranoia, and death.
Eddy: Dude! Last night after you passed out you got up, undid your pants, attacked everyone in the room, sat on Jerit's head, and beat Travis! We had to hold you down and put you back on the couch!

Me: Really? I don't remember any of that shit! And when I passed out you, Jerit, and Damien were gone!

Travis: Dude, we're serious. And you wouldn't talk you just grunted.

Kaleb: Holy shit. Last time I drink Everclear. O_O
by Kakezorz January 2, 2009
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Me: What the hell did I do last night?

Friend: You had a cup of straight everclear and you had your pants down on your waist, we could see your ass, you destroyed our toilet, and we had to hold you up while you walked so you wouldn't fall down!

Me: Damn.
by dudeinthe512 December 28, 2010
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190 proof alcohol. It is illegal in most states for a reason. do not take it lightly. Once you blackout from it and continue to drink w/o knowing will cause serious harm...
14 shots of everclear and my friend decided it would be funny to hold a .40 cal to my head. It resulted in puking all night, all next day and a body shakes like never before. we drank 1/2 of a handle between the 2 of us. Definitely do not advise drinking this!!!!
by bad idea December 12, 2009
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95% grain alchohol
yeah I could agree with the 14 year old e.r. thing
depends on the chick but she usually won't take much more
whats 1\3 of the bottle thats my record
half gallon of 40% vodka too probably close to equal
you better be a drinker. Ever seen that guy at the party that blacks out repeatedly and talks gibberrish then pukes and passes out standing up and the fall doesn't even wake him? thats everclear to a pro..... or an amatuer who took 4 shots in a row a half hour after!
by jason lacy January 1, 2004
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