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1)- Frozen water, used to cool drinks or for medical healing during athletic competition

2)- Expensive jewelry, usually in the form of diamonds that is worn in either necklace, ring, chain, or earrings

3)- To kill or murder someone

4)- Methamphetamines, illicit street drugs
1)- Let's ice that ankle so you're ready for the next game

2)- I keep my boo flooded with ice

3)- Fool didn't pay, so he had to get iced

4)- Lemme buy some ice from you
by Chris December 29, 2003
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Look at that geeker, they've been cleaning for hours they must be iced out.
by Jennifer July 14, 2003
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I.C.E.- In Case (of) Emeregency.
Joe: 'Whose I.C.E. Mummy?'
Paul:'The number my mum gave me In Case of Emergency'
by Blondieeeexx April 18, 2009
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"see this ice the dopeman's paradise" - Richboy (Lets Get This Paper)
"Ice anything look at my tennis shoes I ice that, who am I the back twister, lingerie ripper, automatic leg spreader... keepin it gangsta with cha" - NaS (Got Urself a Gun)
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4-methylaminorex, a very rare schedule-2 drug that is found almost exclusively in Hawaii. Its appearance is somtimes almost identical to crystal methamphetamine (glass), and its effects are similar, but not the same. Street dealers often misuse the term to refer to methamphetamine.
I was hooked on ice until I found glass, bra!
by doctordarker February 18, 2009
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