A worthless waste of time where you learn the same things that you learned when you were 2, but still manage to have teachers that have a lower IQ than a potato.
We have English Class now.
by SieC5 February 18, 2020
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The class in which you write paper after paper and essay after essay of COMPLETE BULLSHIT. You gotta analyse the shit out of those poems and you gotta learn the shit out of those plays.
Friend 1: Yo I got English class next.

Friend 2: Pahahahahah, good luck mate.
by Lenwooo October 28, 2013
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If you have ever seen depictions of hell in the bible, this will make it seem like a land of rainbows and sunshine.
English Class makes me want to remove my reproductive abilities so that my children won't know what suffering truly means.
by Minecraft Master November 6, 2020
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The bullshitiest pile of fuck class in existence, consists of writing essays and reading books irrelevant to your life and the world and analyzing every word in a book
Doug: I have to read Homer's odyssey in English Class
Seth: that's some bullshit right there
by Jenteria May 23, 2020
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A boring ass class where we do a ton of of essays and nothing interesting happens in the fucking class and everybody in the class is scared of the teacher! Yeah the cringy joke making, sweet hearted, softie! Apparently the teacher is a goddamn nightmare! But she isn’t and almost everybody in that class is misbehaving in other classes I have with them but not in this class though. The students say they aren’t scared but they are actually lying
Me: English class is boring AF and everybody is scared of Mrs Campbell and I don’t know why!

Atreyu: Carter nobody’s scared of Mrs Campbell, it’s just 2nd period, everybody’s tired, and it is really early in the morning.

Carter: Yeah sure.
by QuakeSplash26 May 7, 2020
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the bottom of hell where you go to die. the english teachers are alwoys billions of years old and they think you dedicated you life to learning useless words you will never use.
"Oh no, we're going to english class. I hope I don't get drawn deeper in hell."
by dumbassmoron December 12, 2019
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The place schools force you to go because they suck! The schooling system finds it *imperative* that we have to be able to analyze ancient epic poems and stupid stuff. Rated, on average, 0/69 🖕 😡
Me: "I have English class"
Everyone: "he has to waste his time"
by trippyrock December 14, 2020
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