The child warrior on 'The Neverending Story' that was awesome and hunted the purple buffalo. His best friend was his horse Artax.

Who the band named themselves AFTER.
Person 1:"Do you like Atreyu?"
Person 2:"Oh yeah dude I LOVE their music!"
Person 1:" the kid they named themselves after. He's badass."
by TheChildlikeEmpress March 2, 2011
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A rather successful hard-rock band from Orange County, CA that has been around since 1999. They've released two EP's and three full-lengths, the most recent being "A Deathgrip On Yesterday."

The band (at the time consisting only of Alex Varkatzas, Dan Jacobs, and Brandon Saller) first put out the "Visions" EP in 1999. It earned them some success in the O.C. metalcore scene, and they played shows heavily to support it. Next they put out the "Fractures in the Facade of your Porcelain Beauty" EP, on an indie label called Tribunal Records. Around this time, Alex met Travis Miguel while working at Hot Topic, which they both quit to play in the band. Alex quit playing bass to be able to move around more at shows, and Chris Thomson was eventually picked up as the replacement bass player. The band was soon discovered by and signed to Victory, for whom they released their first full-length in 2002, "Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses." The album produced two popular singles - "Ain't Love Grand" and "Lip Gloss and Black." The album was accepted by a wide variety of hard-rock music fans and according to critics, the album brought "new definition to over-night success." The popularity of the album earned them a spot on the second stage at the 2004 Ozzfest. Around this time, Chris left the band to start a family.

In June 2004, the band picked up Marc McKnight (ex-Nightfall) and released it's second Victory Records full-length - "The Curse." Compared with previous releases, the band had much improved upon its sound; better vocals, better guitars, etc. "Right Side of the Bed" and "The Crimson" were the two singles off the album. "The Curse" is considered what broke Atreyu into mainstream music, due to heavy rotation of music videos on FUSE and MTV2's Headbanger's Ball. The album was re-released in 2005 while the band was on the '05 Vans Warped Tour.

In the fall of '05, the Atreyu hit the studio again to record their third full length - "A Deathgrip On Yesterday." The album is much more diverse than their others, including songs such as "The Theft," a relatively slow song compared to the other ones on the album. Still, "Deathgrip" delivers, filled with Alex Varkatzas' usual acidic vocals complimented by Brandon Saller's melodic singing. "Big" Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel solo much more on this album, and Marc McKnight's bass is very distinct and clear on this album.

Atreyu puts on a hell of a live show, and are very nice dudes who really care about their fans. They still get hated on like no other for some reason, and hopefully with the success of their new album, they'll finally recieve some well earned respect.
Atreyu is a hard-rock band from Orange County, CA, and seem to improve more and more with each album.
by punkgtrst096 April 2, 2006
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Atreyu is not just hardcore. They have a unique sound with some hardcore.. some emoish shit... some metal, even. There is no band that sounds like them.
Raise up your head, unclasp your hands.
Your weakness makes me tremble.
True strength comes from within,
and we were given this life to live,
not exist under standards, set by some bullshit rule book.
What prayers of yours, were ever answered, by degrading others?
Spare me your biblical back peddling nonsense.
For the people that you've hurt, and the being you dishonor,
your fall from grace will finally justify my means.
Judge me and now you are me, and what's worse...
you are now a traitor to your God.
Tell me Judas, how does it feel to be looked down upon?
Sinners like you, should be strung up from the highest tree.
You judged me, and now you are me.
Stop Playing God.
-At Least I Know I'm A Sinner
by Alex September 7, 2004
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A strong warrior. Atreyu is an amazing guy with beautiful eyes and hair. He is forever faithful and loving.
Have you seen the eyes of Atreyu
by justamom66 February 2, 2010
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1. A fictional young warrior from "The neverending story"by Michael Ende. Which was a book translated into a movie. Atreyu (in the book) has green skin and blue-black hair. He is part of a people call the Greenskins. Lives a very native american type life. In the movie,he was portrayed by Noah Hathaway. In his native language, Atreyu means "son of all". In "The neverending story 2: the next chapter" he is played by Kenny Morrison. In ''The neverending story" spinoff(1995), he is voiced by Dominic Zamprogna.

2. A band from Orange County, California. The band's original name was "Retribution", but changed the band name to Atreyu, after the character in the neverending story, They changed it to Atreyu after they found out another band was using Retribution. The band formed in 1999 and were independent for a while. They have five albums.
1. Atreyu is the best character in a kids' movie ever!

2. I like Atreyu's cover of "you give love a bad name."
by delia anne scott July 30, 2010
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an amazing band. they are not "money hungry goth" or whatever the hell you claim them to be. they are a band. i like atreyu for who they are as a band, and even if they're sound changes a bit, it doesnt matter, because i still like them.

atreyu is a band from OC & is appreciated by true fans only. all the rest ditch them because their sound supposedly changed.
- Have you heard of Atreyu?
> Yes, they are amazing, no matter what they're sound is.

(plus, brandon saller drummer is amazingly sexy.)
by Sam Rose May 28, 2006
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A metal core band that used to be good, until they saw dollar signs and shot a load when they realized they could make more money if they changed their sound to the satisfaction of 13 year old girls. Now signed to the same label as Miley Cyrus.
13 Year Old Boy: Man, I love Atreyu!
Me: Eh, their old CDs were great, but Lead Sails Paper Anchor was a complete sell out, and now they suck.
13 Year Old Boy: What?! That's their only good album.
Me: *Walks away*
by Xazereth February 21, 2009
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