3 definitions by QuakeSplash26

1.A term that is used to described lies or untrue stuff.

2. A term used to describe stupid things people do.
1. Teacher: Carter you are up to read next

Carter: Bullshit!

by QuakeSplash26 January 06, 2020
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Secretly Listening to other people’s conversations.; getting into people’s business.
When my friend is Eavesdropping on my teacher, he says Carter! Do you ever LISTEN?!
by QuakeSplash26 February 03, 2019
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A boring ass class where we do a ton of of essays and nothing interesting happens in the fucking class and everybody in the class is scared of the teacher! Yeah the cringy joke making, sweet hearted, softie! Apparently the teacher is a goddamn nightmare! But she isn’t and almost everybody in that class is misbehaving in other classes I have with them but not in this class though. The students say they aren’t scared but they are actually lying
Me: English class is boring AF and everybody is scared of Mrs Campbell and I don’t know why!

Atreyu: Carter nobody’s scared of Mrs Campbell, it’s just 2nd period, everybody’s tired, and it is really early in the morning.

Carter: Yeah sure.
by QuakeSplash26 May 07, 2020
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