He doesn't need the soup to be hot, the soup needs him to be hot. Greatest man to ever live, will knock u out like a carolina reaper and is secretly plotting to be the next Floyd Mayweather.
Man 1: Yo bro that's so spicy, what is it on the Scoville Scale?
Man 2: It's a Campbell, it makes it's own scale
by n1cky g May 17, 2021
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One of the most pretty girls, she is funny and out of everybody's league. If you get to know her she is very smart and super fun to be around, moments you get to spend with her are the best and you hope you can make more, and one day maybe get the guts to ask her out.
That girl is such a Campbell she is a 10
The most popular girl in the school is always a Campbell
by Bushdid9/11....... February 16, 2019
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A kind guy who is so great to be around. He will listen to you when you rant about random thing. He may be a douche sometimes but he is only human. If you find someone who is a Campbell, you know that you are so lucky. He will put up with the soup jokes and will always be there for you. He is handsome, has amazing eyes, and a beautiful laugh
He listened to me rant about my problems for to hours, then made me fell better about everything. He is a Campbell
by Gidididings August 7, 2013
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A kind, beautiful girl with a delicate heart. She is very artistic and creative. Campbells are good singers and actresses. she is a gorgeous, passionate dancer. She often appears quite shy, but when you get to know her she is crazy and fun. Campbells have a great since of humor and love to have fun. Campbell is a good listener and is very compassionate. She has an amazing since of style, and always looks adorable. She is often short with wavy, brown hair. Campbell is very smart, and loves to have all the knowledge. She is very unique and is always herself♥
You should get to know Campbell, she is so adorable and sweet!
by creativityiskeyforeverandever December 2, 2010
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Campbell is the person who will literally be mr steal yo girl and just ruin your relationship with your girlfriend.They will also get nudes from your girlfriend before you will ever get the chance to even ask.Campbell may be cute and all but he really doesn’t deserve to be this well described.

At least this is the Campbell I know...

Sorry to any Campbell who isn’t like this... 👍
Girl 1.“Campbell is sooo cute”
Girl 2.“Yeah especially compared to that person who just needs a friend..”
Girl 1.“Yeah he is soooo ugly”
by A person who needs a friend August 20, 2019
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A guy who can pull any girl, and all he does is buy chocolate milk.
Campbell: Hey, can I get a chocolate milk?
Some hot ass girl: Yeah sure…👅😏
by Sexy_suculent_soup December 18, 2016
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A campbell is a boy with many talents. He is very funny and makes everyone laugh. He can sometimes be quite annoying but always makes up for it by telling a joke. Everyone says he is a great guy, and always friendly. He is very handsome with mad dark brown curly hair, his hair could be described as looking like a labradoodles coat.
"Did you see that guys hair?"
"No why?"
"It was so campbell!"
by escebellfairy November 8, 2011
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