anything someone does with a partner that is sex related
dude, i totally managed this chick last night!
by bay-bee October 5, 2007
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A super i-talian way to express anger or stupidity.
Son: Ma! Get me some'a pizza!
Mother: Manage! Get'a your own'a pizza Luigi!
Son: Fuggehdaboutit!
by Kevinisdumb April 21, 2008
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man, boy, feen, fiend
to be used when addressing a fellow.
aw manage, thats marvellous news outta you there like!
by julio madras tenoch del toro August 24, 2007
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"manage" is a slang used by sras. this might sound normal but if u look into the inner meaning, it suggests smtg rly "manage"-y. basically it can means u can manage anything to take revenge.
sras: let her come to school bro i will manage
by nycXrisma supporter February 17, 2022
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To beat up and rule over them usually in street fights, or use better insults.
by beat boy May 3, 2004
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The poor guy that always has to deal with Karen.
The manager will tell you the same thing the employee told you Karen...
by ReeMcFace May 25, 2019
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A person who appears to know how all tasks should be accomplished but can't actually do any of those tasks themselves.
A manager will tell you exactly how something should be done, even though he or she has never done it themselves.
by mitchell986 November 17, 2011
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