Class that most math students hate but an average person loves.
Please for the love of god I don't want to read the fucking twelfth night and write an essay about it. When will I use Shakespeare verses in life or to a degree that involves STEM, and even if I have to read old writer can we read better playwright then the overrated Shakespeare. Fuck You English class

Me: Can I Plz Read this non- fiction book
English Teacher: NO
Me: Well Fuck You
by OHHELLNAH January 28, 2018
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The place schools force you to go because they suck! The schooling system finds it *imperative* that we have to be able to analyze ancient epic poems and stupid stuff. Rated, on average, 0/69 🖕 😡
Me: "I have English class"
Everyone: "he has to waste his time"
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by trippyrock December 14, 2020
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The calss where you sit in the computer lab doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!Also a time to eat and go on Facebook and try to find new ways of getting onto msn and other sites like that since they blocked ebuddy etc....
Jenna says(in a text)- "I am so bored.."
Lauren replies (in a text)- "oh you have an English class then?"
Jenna replies "Yupp and the teacher won't let me work on a computer because Ren and I were talking too much...and because I am not in dress code ;P"
Lauren replies- "oh jenna you are so hard core"
by Clana_Luver January 16, 2009
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English Class refers to the act of Sex . Specifically endearing sex, love making, if you may. It's a term used as a lay-low around other peers. It may or may not include BDSM, Kinks, and a TON of making out.
Hey, are you ready to study hard in English Class? ;)
by Im Married To A Toaster October 12, 2018
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