see woo

sound i make when something feels too good.
Fine girl walks by
Me: oooh

Jumper... nothing but net
Me: oooh
by pascaL July 25, 2004
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Signifying Pride in LGBT related situations.
It is also a rallying call.
Pride Side!Oooh oooh!

When two people of the same gender openly display affection an observer might say.
"Oooh oooh!"

You see someone who is part of the LGBT community you might say "Oooh oooh!"to say hello.
by Tomsatwinky March 5, 2009
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no one:
absolutely no one:

not even scott morrison fucking off to hawaii:
blueface: ooOh
by January 9, 2020
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Knowing or seeing something bad was about to happen.
When Julio was caught by his wife cheating at the Bar he was like Oooh Shit!!
by will bitten January 23, 2017
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What is said when words are not suitable for the occasion, or to emphasise something positivly, can be followed by the word "Damn"
1) OOOH WEE!! Thats one bad ass tune!
2) Fine girl walks past Albert
Albert: OOOH WEEE!!! DAMN!!
by Shay-D January 24, 2005
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That looks nasty; or that persons face is nasty.
"Hey, Kevin wanna talk 2 you", Oooh Nooo
by Taylor November 25, 2003
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