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She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is humble, and her laugh is so contagious. She doesn't see much beauty in herself, but you can, definitely. And whenever you critique your looks, she'll say you're the most beautiful person I've met. She is awkward but somehow great at talking to people. A big fangirl, and you'll share that love with her. Keep her close, She deserves you.
You: Look at how ugly I look.
Emilie: STOP IT! You are super gorgeous!
by woopitywoo January 04, 2018

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banana bread is a phrase for the wealth you get from being a prostitute/hooker/escort. Banana represents the male genitalia and bread represents the money made.
Person A: I got so much banana bread last night.
Person B: Wow! How much?
Person A: 550!
by woopitywoo August 18, 2019

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