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(verb) dating one of your best friend's exes when they aren't cool about it

(noun) the action of dating your best friend's ex when they aren't cool about it
"Man I can't believe she dated your ex after you told her not to. She totally pulled an emily."
by jackieattackie September 17, 2017
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When a girl asks you to look up sexual urban dictionary terms
Guy 1: She asked me to look up Angry raccoon on urban dictionary

Guy 2: She’s an emily
by Omanonmanom January 05, 2021
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A coworker who doesn’t want to work or goes out of their way to work less so everyone else picks up their slack.examples being uses the restroom multiple times for lengthy periods of slowly or skips tasks they don’t want to do.
“That was a six cart train he skipped to pack a one cart train even tho it was next”

“Yeah he’s being an Emily” or “he pulled an Emily”
by Thestinster December 08, 2020
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