Another word for god. Gosh is to God as heck is to hell. Oh my gosh, what the heck.
Oh my gosh Cassidy! I can't believe Georgia wore BLUE eyeshadow today!
by Emmaedamae October 29, 2014
1) Disrespectful way to pronouce the word "God". Only a servant of Satan would utter such blasphemy.

2) The guy that sends you to Heck if you're naughty. Some people suspect Heck is just some prison that no one can return from, but no one's sure... Well yeah, genius, no one return from Heck until death.
1) Stacy: Oh my Gosh!

Ed: It's pronounced "God". Never ever disrespect God by uttering his name in such a disrespectful manner, lest you be serving Satan.

2) Ed: I heard this guy named Gosh sent Santa Claus to Heck for his heinous crimes.

Edd: Finally! I'm sick of that guy always managing to break in my house that one day of the year. He doesn't even leave gifts but still consumes all my cookies and milk. The nerve!
by EpicScientician December 6, 2021
A word that David Archuleta uses when hes shocked. In other words, his favorite word. Tis ok, hes sexy as hell.
"Oh Gosh, Gosh, I didnt expect this much people. Gosh!"
by Bangme David May 21, 2008
Who you don't believe in if you go to Heck
I don't worship gosh so I'll see you in Heck
by Bookstores in a Seattle January 13, 2016
The fucking word that is always irritating and always used by your Irritaing girlfriend.
Girl: " Oh my gosh! The popcorn is on fire!!!!!

Me: "Shut the fuck up!"
by The urban Libriarian January 9, 2017
One of the worst things anyone can say. If you dare even think of saying this cursed word, you are one mega douche.
Mega Douche: Oh my gosh!
by Dr. Crowley July 10, 2009