She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is humble, and her laugh is so contagious. She doesn't see much beauty in herself, but you can, definitely. And whenever you critique your looks, she'll say you're the most beautiful person I've met. She is awkward but somehow great at talking to people. A big fangirl, and you'll share that love with her. Keep her close, She deserves you.
You: Look at how ugly I look.
Emilie: STOP IT! You are super gorgeous!
by woopitywoo January 04, 2018
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People called Emilie are so caring and thoughtful when they want to be, although they can have quite an attitude if you get on their bad sides.
Wow, she’s got to be an Emilie
by Uniparkles May 03, 2020
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Emilie is the nicest person you will never meet. She is sexy,intelligent,brave,beautiful she will always put a smile on your face and make you happy when your feeling down she is the best friend/girlfriend/mom/sister you'll ever meet. When you have an Emilie don't let her go
Look at her she's so sexy

She's an Emilie
by Drama girl May 23, 2017
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An honorable person, extremely loyal to her many friends and family. Highly intelligent and beautiful, though never boasts about her accomplishments. Some become very jealous of her, while others come to her for refuge and advice...along with her hearty laugh & bubbly spirit make her the most loved and popular person in her community.
"How am I supposed to come up with a beautiful eulogy for my miserable ex-con grandma who left 3 ppl dead when she stormed into a bank?! I know, I'll think about Emilie!"
by mojitto February 03, 2010
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A very talented young woman who wishes to create a better world. While also being young is also multi-talented. Most likely able to become a multi-millionaire in the future. Also sociable and very friendly. You're fucking lucky if you marry her. You're even more fucking lucking if she choses to fuck you.
Guy 1: Dude, i just screwed britanny last night.

Guy 2:Well, i got laid by Emilie last the parking lot!

Guy 1:You lucky bastard...
by The_Good_Samaritan December 04, 2011
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A beautiful girl who is usually loved by alot of people, but sometimes people go to far and make mistakes and are very sorry for it. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the world and the best friend someone could have. anyone who ever stuffed things up or said something wrong would cry for days because of it.
Emilie likes taking the hobbits to Isengard

Emile doesn't let three year olds pass in the hallway.
by StumpyViper November 08, 2011
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This girls name is used in French and Czech, and in French is spelt with an accent: Émilie

Its source is the Latin name Aemilius, meaning eager. Emilie can also mean industrious and hardworking.

An Emilie has curly brown hair, deep blue eyes and a hot body. She can be shy, but is quietly confident and wins everyone over with her charms. She is well liked, but may have some blonde moments. Emilie has great aspirations for the future and due to her hard work, good looks and smart thinking will go far in life.
I know, she's such an Emilie
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