eighth of an ounce(3.5grams)most commonly reffering to coke
150 beans for an 8ball...not bad..but u know itl be gone in an hour
by Buck Naked February 21, 2005
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3 an a half grams of crack, crank, coke, ice, or meth
i stung my last 8ball 2 a fien for 250 dollars
by Dirty-G October 6, 2003
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a The Eightball in a game of pool.
b 3.5g of mood enhancing substance.
a You sunk the eightball, You lose the game, fuck off. Next.

b Hey man, let's get an eightball, it'll last us all weekend....
by mary-jane January 16, 2004
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Dude did you see that bald headed black man?
Ya i saw, that eightball
by Antonio November 17, 2002
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The act of a woman giving a man a blowjob with one or more fingers inserted in the ass.
"Hey Mike, why are you walking funny today?" "My girl gave me the Eightball last night."
by Neidermayer94 June 13, 2007
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Crack mixed with Coke, also check out speedballing
Eightball, you must be a nutter to do this shit,
by Charlie Kane January 3, 2008
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