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Mixing either heroin and cocaine or heroin and crack cocaine. Usually injected, but sometimes the cocaine is snorted and the heroin injected.
speedballing is bliss. a fucked up bliss.
by TFS January 06, 2006
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The mixing of cocaine and heroin/morphine simultaneously. May also refer to mixing of stimualates such as amphetamines with other opiates or benzodiazapines. The mixing of stimulant and depressant is intended to "confuse" the heart and/or respiratory system.
Yo that stupid f*cker was speedballing all night. Dumb sonofabitch.
by RobKnowledge April 15, 2008
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speedballing refers to mixing herion and cocaine. both substances can be mixed together and snorted. or injected if you're extremely dumb. apparently it gives the feeling of falling down an escalator. it confuses the heart, because herion is a "downer" and cocaine is an "upper." so herion slows the heart down while cocaine speeds it up. its an easy way to have a heart attack if you aren't careful. yet to be experinced haha.
last night, i decided to try speedballing dude. it was fuckin ridiculous; i didn't even know what was going on.
by OhhhhhxNOoooo10 May 23, 2009
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