8 definitions by Buck Naked

One who plants his or her face directly into a well forested nest of pubic hair and proceeds to munch.
The two sexual deviants couldn't decide who was going to be the Moss Muncher or the receiver .
by Buck Naked May 29, 2017
Trapping your shower partner by blocking the shower door after expelling a death fart.
I was often a shower prisoner after she farted and blocked the shower door.
by Buck Naked May 30, 2017
An angry man tool also known as a penis.
He unleashed his angry ,horse like, Pulsating pile driver into her petit love box.
by Buck Naked May 30, 2017
eighth of an ounce(3.5grams)most commonly reffering to coke
150 beans for an 8ball...not bad..but u know itl be gone in an hour
by Buck Naked February 21, 2005
The entry and exit point for babies, penises , fingers ,dildos , tampons and bugs.
She pulled her undergarment down to expose her baby door – and inserted her man's pulsating piledriver .
by Buck Naked May 28, 2017
It is the combination of fantastic and magical
That chic has Fantastical titties
by Buck Naked April 4, 2012