Phrase often used by players of the game "Skyrim". Player is often done watching Tosh.0 and searching for real entertainment. Also, a phrase taken at face value.
MERCHANT-You need something?
PLAYER-Everything! Sell me your shit!!

"I'm going to the bathroom, shouldn't have finished off the jalapenos."

"Sell me your shit!"

by dannycarey December 28, 2011
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This Victorian phrase means 'don't lie to me'. In the 1800's, it was common for dog salespeople to try to pass mutts off as pedigrees. This is supposedly the origin of the phrase (which was popular until the 1870's).
“You think I'd believe that you're a wizard who's also the cousin of royalty and Bill Gates' twin brother? Don't sell me a dog.”
by C L G January 31, 2021
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