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"I just smoked a bulb and I'm so amped!"
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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1. n. Slang. CoricidinTM, an OTC cough remedy containing Dextromethorphan (DXM), and often (foolishly) used recreationally for this reason. CAUTION: Read warning below!
2. v. Slang. Using CoricidinTM recreationally to get high from the DXM it containsIMPORTANT NOTE: While Coricidin does contain DXM, it also contains antihistimines which can be extremely dangerous when taken in larger-than-normal quantities. There are much safer ways to take DXM than through Coricidin and we highly recommend you altogether avoid Coricidin for recreational use..
1. "hey, pass that bottle of 'cidin..I...uhh....got a cold."
2.: "We're gonna be 'cidin tonight. Want to join us?"
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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n. An organized underground party involving music and dancing. Raves typically involve one or more DJs playing electronic dance music such as techno, trance, breakbeat, jungle, and ambient. Usually starting after dusk and lasting through 'til dawn, drug use at raves often runs rampant; particularly the use of Ecstasy and LSD. Raves can vary greatly in size and scope, hosting from dozens to thousands of guests, and lasting from one night to a few days. Classically, ravers have maintained a strong community spirit and have promoted an ideal called PLUR, an acronym for Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. These values have unfortunately faded somewhat since the onset of a newer generation of ravers unfamiliar with these concepts so elemental to the original scene.
Guys, we went to a rave last night, right? Cause, I'm not sure WHAT we did there, but I don't remember a thing.
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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v. A term meaning that all parties partaking in a smoke-out donate equal parts of their own weed, if they have any. For instance, if G-Dogg and HomeFry are matching bowls, then for every bowl of G-Dogg's weed that they smoke, HomeFry will pack and share a bowl of his own.
"Let's go smoke. I'll match bowls with you."
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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n. The unsmokable leftovers from screening marijuana before sale, or the stuff at the bottom of the bag after purchase.
Dude, take out the twigs and seed, it'll rip the zig zag.
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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n. A derogatory name given to people on Ecstasy by those not on the drug. It is due to E users' common desire to run up and hug everyone, or engage in other assorted hypersocial behavior which may seem annoying or intrusive to those who aren't on E
"Damn E-tards, always coming up and feeling my furry coat..."
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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n. An Indian and Middle Eastern smoking mixture consisting of pollen from marijuana flowers and ghee, an oily butter. In medieval Arabia it also referred to a datura-based knockout potion.*
Shit, that was some good bhang!
by callinghome November 2, 2004
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