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The good shit in marijuana.
Abrevitation: THC
"now, now kids. Too much of that Tetrahydrocannibinol will rot your brain"
by callinghome November 2, 2004
Literotica is adult literature and texts made to turn people on. They are used to read and jerk off or masturbate. See porn
...my lips went to her neck, planting wet kisses, licks and sucks on her hot skin, leaving wet trails on her skin going down to her breasts. I kissed all around her nipples, till she moaned and spread her legs wide to play with herself, but I saw, and grasped her hand, shaking my head slowly…
by callinghome November 1, 2004
1. n. Slang. CoricidinTM, an OTC cough remedy containing Dextromethorphan (DXM), and often (foolishly) used recreationally for this reason. CAUTION: Read warning below!
2. v. Slang. Using CoricidinTM recreationally to get high from the DXM it containsIMPORTANT NOTE: While Coricidin does contain DXM, it also contains antihistimines which can be extremely dangerous when taken in larger-than-normal quantities. There are much safer ways to take DXM than through Coricidin and we highly recommend you altogether avoid Coricidin for recreational use..
1. "hey, pass that bottle of 'cidin..I...uhh....got a cold."
2.: "We're gonna be 'cidin tonight. Want to join us?"
by callinghome November 2, 2004
Hydro-ponically grown marijuana.
Geez, that was some good aquatic. Let's go smoke some more, if haven't passed out quite yet.
by callinghome November 2, 2004
"I just smoked a bulb and I'm so amped!"
by callinghome November 2, 2004
1. v. To get high on both LSD and Ecstasy together
2. n. A trip induced by combining LSD and Ecstasy:
1.: "Hey Sid, are we still gonna candyflip tonight?"
2. "That was an awesome candyflip last night."
by callinghome November 2, 2004
To go to a restaurant for a delicious meal. Get your mind out of the gutter, you pervs!
We like to eat out at Swiss Chalet on occasion.
by callinghome November 3, 2004