slang for pussy... seeing as how they are a woman's lower lips
She's got some big lower lips
by Foxy March 01, 2005
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The lower lip of somebody's mouth. Slang for a big one.
John: Damn, have you seen his lower lip?

Bob: No, Why?

John: It's huge.
by Guest69420 October 30, 2014
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"Sami's Lower Lip" is a Facebook page which features a picture of "Sami The Porn Star" as many people know her, which showcases her nose ring. Though this page Sami The Porn Star has aquired many stalkers which are generally fat slobs who use Chipotle in most of their metaphores!
Guy 1: Have you checked out Sami's Lower Lip on Facebook?

Guy 2: For sure she's like a Chipotle burrito with extra hot sauce.

Guy 1: Definitely!
by Carl's Shaft July 11, 2011
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The area between and connecting the balls and the shaft of the penis. Also know as "Bottom Lip Dip". The phrases inspiration came from a human specious giving a blow job. When the lower/bottom lip of the human touches that certain area of the males penis which is the end of the shaft and the start of the ball sack.
Man my lower lip dip itches like all get out. I think the girl I fucked last night had crabs.

Dude this hoe last night went lower lip dip like 10 times, I might have to hit her up again.
by ohiosk8s March 14, 2011
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A saying reputed to be of around WWII era.
Said to a person when they're busy wasting their time running their mouth off complaining over a usually trivial matter.

Much like a child pouts their lower lip when they're not getting their way, "Walking on your lower lip" implies their lip is so far pouted, they risk tripping over it.
"Life is so hard, I can never get ahead, everyone is against me, I'm not popular, and it's all the government's fault"
"Bah, stop walking on your lower lip and do something useful".
by JT The Super Greek May 30, 2013
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