When the back man of gay intercorse reaches around to help the front man in "jerkin' his gurkin"
The reach around
I gave this guy a reach around last night.
This guy gave me an amazing reach around.
by Christians360ZZ January 29, 2017
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1. n: the performance of the act of masterbating a sexual partner, usually while the person performing this act is simultaneously performing doggy style, anal sex, or spooning on the same partner as the person on top.

See also: hand job, jacking off

2. n: a metaphor of def 1 describing compensation, usually derogetory.
1. I was fucking my girlfriend doggy style, and gave her a reach around so we could get off together

2. I coughed up five thousand dollars for this piece of shit car and the transmission shit the bed the next day. The fucker who sold it to me didn't even give me a reach around.
by Marc January 3, 2004
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An alcoholic beverage made from Jägermeister and Schweppes Agrum.
Guy 1: "Dude, wanna go for a reach around tonight?"
Guy 2: "...The drink?"
Guy 1: "Yeah I suppose we can have a couple drinks too"
by MainMangMang February 19, 2008
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when two men are having gay sex and the man behind reaches around and jacks off the guy in the front
the sex was awful, he was ramming that shit up my ass and he forgot the reach around!!
by dicksucker January 11, 2003
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A reach-around is when 2 men are having anal sex and the one at the back reaches round and gives the man being bummed a hand job as he is receiving no pleasure from the sodomy
"You wouldn't have the common courtesy to give someone a reach-around."
by Luncheonman December 11, 2004
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when two gay men are facing in one direction and the guy behind reaches around and jerks off the guy in front of him
the selfish gay man failed to give a reach- around to his partner
by Johnny D April 5, 2005
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These requirements must be satisfied:
1. Two men are in a room together and they are naked.
2. They both like each other enough to penetrate the other.
3. They are both gay.
4. One man (the bitch of the two) is taking it up the ass. (by "it" I mean the other man's penis, and by "up the ass" I mean up the ass.
5. The man who is ramming his rim-rod up and around his partner's sphincter must then use one hand to "Reach-Around" and masturbate his partner until he cums.
6. It can be done with two girls as well but then it's not as funny. Oh and they don't necessarily have to have penises.
Harry Potter was fucking Ron Weasley's asshole nice and hard when Ron asked him for a reach-around, shortly after this, Ron's penis was spewing out a geyser of gayness.

One time Hermoine asked Ron for a reach-around, however, Ron informed her that she didn't have a penis.
by Captain Penis November 7, 2006
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