You're a cute, sexy, awesome, hardworking, beautiful(on the inside as well), ethereal, goddess, amazing, wonderful, angelic, badass, hot, confident, stylish and an independent woman,

or you aspire to be.

One day, i wanna be like Jennie Kim. She's amazing,
by Avatar Lisa November 11, 2019
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A fun-loving, creative girl who likes to hang out with friends and enjoys the outdoors. She's got great style and inspires fierce loyalty in her friends. She may be shy at first, but you'll soon discover that she's the funniest (and funnest!) person you know. Everyone should find a Jennie for a friend!
Girl 1: "Hey, i just met this totally awesome girl, she made me laugh so hard that I peed in my pants! I think we're gonna be good friends."

Girl 2: "What's her name?"

Girl 1: "Jennie!"
by hoozat February 3, 2010
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"a woman who is beautiful above all others, loving and caring and sweet, a woman who is smart and driven and gets the most out of life, a woman who inspires loyalty and faithfulness to her, a woman whose love is the greatest treasure more precious than anything imaginable"
If every woman were a Jennie there'd be no unhappy men
by irishman_r February 6, 2010
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Beautiful mind and spirit. Definitely a hard worker and brushes off un needed drama. Self motivated person with intelligence that will catch you by surprise. She's a physically pretty girl and has an ability to make you laugh even on your worst days. Her heart is big enough to make the world feel loved. She's shy at first, but you will soon find out she is the most funniest and funnest person to be around. Likes to have a great time and meeting new people. Jennie is a flirt and she does it well, she'll rob your heart quicker than you know. Rarely will you catch her being mean but if you do, it wont be too pretty. To Jennie's, loving you will be easy, for you, letting her go will be the hard part. Any guy dating a Jennie is quite lucky.
Jennie, Jenn, Jennifer
by wakeupbakeup December 8, 2010
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short for Jennifer. Cute and shy but outgoing when you really know her. A best friend anyone can ever have. Trustworthy. Sometimes self-conscious but sometimes vain. All around good person.
dude one: that Jennie girl is really nice
dude two: my best friend is Jennie!
by ecklesa February 21, 2009
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The ultimate girl. Drop dead beautiful, very smart, and athletic. Cute yet brave, brilliant and strong. Has great morales and is very nice and caring but is also playful and very fun to be around. She's very encouraging and helpful, a great motivator. She's basically perfect in every way. Any guy dating a Jennie is very blessed and lucky indeed.
Wow that girl looks so amazing and wonderful, must be a Jennie.
by yrreb eulb February 4, 2010
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Handle with care extremely HOT.

Most Beautiful person.

Lovely captivating eyes.

Sexy Zumba body!

Gentle and caring heart.
Jennie is the most amazing person in the entire world. Everything about her is perfect! She's cute, beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent, sweet, romantic, funny...everything you want in a girl. It's impossible not to fall in love with her!
by Czech Guy February 5, 2010
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