It stands for Expert Jew. Enough Said.
Scott: Did you see those EJ's at the mall
Paully: Yeah, they wore glasses, had a beard and a yamaca too!
Scott: That's whats up! I'm a straight up EJ myself
by Mr. Eisenberger April 10, 2011
A big hunk of man meat. Any girl wudnt mind gargling him marbles. and no female cud pass up waxin his crank shaft. Was born with a huge penis that cud satisfy a whale. Adorable, cute and sexy. there he is in three words.
normal convo at a party: "Hey whered all the girls go?" "The must be with EJ the handsome stud"

typical praise:"oh i love EJ, with his perfectly toned body, his chiseled six pack and those ripping muscles are so BIG!!
truly sexylicious, absolutely adorable, and utterly gorgeous!
ej is mr hot!!!!
by me! September 11, 2003
Ear Job, when a girl gets stuffed in her ear.

Dude A: duuuuuude, guess what?
Dude B: what??
Dude A: She gave me an EJ!!
Dude B: No wayyyyyyy Duuuuuuuude! you're so lucky.
Dude A: Yeah duuuuuude! She was gonna give me a BJ but im like no way..i hella want a EJ..and she's like whatever and then i hella fucked up her eardrum.
Dude B: duuuuuude that's so awesome.
by IcoinedEJ October 2, 2006
Refers to when a man ejaculates into a males mouth while they are sleeping, preferably while they are sleeping on a couch. Often referred to as a "prank" it is widely considered as sexual offense
x: yo toby fell asleep on the couch.

xx: We should prank him, should I EJ him?

x: Yeah! It would be hilarious.

xxx: Wouldn't that be rape?
by ehvanjouhol June 6, 2022
Esophageal Job, a very advanced deep throat technique whereby the man stays still deep in a woman's esophagus and she rapidly strokes her throat to provide the stimulation he requires to climax.
For our anniversary my girlfriend gave me an EJ which brought our entire relationship to an entirely new level of trust and intimacy.
by Stabin Ada February 2, 2012
Shortened from Ejaculate, is another word for jizz(ing)
Girl: ...and then he just EJed on my face!!
by some_random_girl June 28, 2009