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It stands for Expert Jew. Enough Said.
Scott: Did you see those EJ's at the mall
Paully: Yeah, they wore glasses, had a beard and a yamaca too!
Scott: That's whats up! I'm a straight up EJ myself
by Mr. Eisenberger April 09, 2011
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A big hunk of man meat. Any girl wudnt mind gargling him marbles. and no female cud pass up waxin his crank shaft. Was born with a huge penis that cud satisfy a whale. Adorable, cute and sexy. there he is in three words.
normal convo at a party: "Hey whered all the girls go?" "The must be with EJ the handsome stud"

typical praise:"oh i love EJ, with his perfectly toned body, his chiseled six pack and those ripping muscles are so BIG!!
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truly sexylicious, absolutely adorable, and utterly gorgeous!
ej is mr hot!!!!
by me! September 11, 2003
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Ej is very cool has lots of freinds and is genrally a awesome person
your Ej
by KINGEJ10 January 24, 2017
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A Rad kid from a not so rad town. He likes to overuse the word Rad. He is sometimes referred to as Edge, Eyge, E and other random stuff
EJ : Wow thats Rad
People: You Suck and use rad too much!
by John Strong January 03, 2005
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the act of shitting in your boyfriend/girlfriend's sink (or floor, maybe bed, but most often in the sink)
Guy # 1: My girlfriend gave me an e.j. last night.
Guy # 2: Is that like a blowjob?
Guy # 1: No, she came to my house, shat in my sink, then ran down the hallway screaming like a mentally challenged kid. It was fucking sexy.
by CheeseAndCrackpipes December 23, 2010
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A rad dude who I met at a Defiance, Ohio show and is way cool. He booked Erik Petersen. That automatically makes him the best ever.
by Petey J May 02, 2005
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