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the worst fuckin idea in history of forever whatever dumbass thought that up RLY needs to die or be killed
person #1-"Can you beleive that they have made seven volumes of kidz bop? It's awful man!!!"
person #2-"I know but u gotts let go man"
by me! January 5, 2005
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German noodles, or when you think it's going to be a fart and you end up spraying the inside of your shorts.
I'll have the Jagerschnitzel mit spatzel.

Dude, I think I just made some spatzel in my drawers...
by me! January 10, 2003
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a fucking cool vibrator type thing that's pretty and has beads . . . ooh, beads . . . damn ann summers for making you be over 18!
i want a rampant rabbit for christmas
by me! May 27, 2004
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“saltysloth” is the name of a person who is not smart what so ever and doesn’t know how to socialize and is probably a leo tbh.
oh look they’re acting like “saltysloth”
by me! June 7, 2021
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dude im a fu*king sav
by me! October 15, 2003
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used to show cunfuzzlement or aggravation
"O.k what?
*other person talks*
"OY Maloy!!!!!"
by me! December 24, 2004
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one who appears to be squeaky clean, but is actually utter filth.

word is uttered with extra 'ph' to give gravitas to how filthy this specimen of human male is.

philth is naturally tiny like a pygmy, as the filthiest things in the world come in small packages
"Look at that bloke coming on to that poor girl. He's just philth."
by me! May 18, 2005
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