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the worst fuckin idea in history of forever whatever dumbass thought that up RLY needs to die or be killed
person #1-"Can you beleive that they have made seven volumes of kidz bop? It's awful man!!!"
person #2-"I know but u gotts let go man"
by me! January 04, 2005

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A type of lingerie that is really better off sitting on the ground. Usually indicates the wearer's desire for sex.
I want sex tonight, so I shall wear black underwear.
by Me! June 15, 2004

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The guitar player and background vocals for AFI.. And the sexiest man alive...
by me! May 02, 2003

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Some one of non-asian decent who is highly confused and believes they were born into the wrong race and are truly asian. They obssess over the people, food, and language.
"Leslie is SO Asian Washed"
by Me! June 01, 2004

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A cross between Jigga What and Faint.
Jay Z's vocals blend perfectly with Faint's strings.
-From Collision Course
by Me! April 16, 2005

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Heys i'm a janner but i'm not a chav it's like the janner's the accent not the type of person ur gettin us mixed up with swills. Swills r a section of the Janners and swills suck ass , i hate swills so bad innit! Like well offended peeps mite be confusing me with a swill *shocked*
I live in plymouth but not in swilly therefore i aint a chav, i just torks like a faRmer sum'imes ~ hehe
by Me! February 12, 2005

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a fucking cool vibrator type thing that's pretty and has beads . . . ooh, beads . . . damn ann summers for making you be over 18!
i want a rampant rabbit for christmas
by me! May 26, 2004

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