1) a three letter acronym for "EAT A DICK"

2) A shortcut to tell someone to go eat a dick

EAD dale!~
by D0uGY January 6, 2003
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Why did John punch you?
I told him to EAD.
by McOrgasm November 16, 2015
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Military slang for Eat a Dick. Generally means that you've just been given a shitty task that noone wants to do.
by Yuppivore March 29, 2011
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Eat a dick- the process of masticating the male penis.
Damn. She was on that hoe shit last night.. so i just told her to Eat-a-dick (EAD) !
by bigtittywill July 2, 2010
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P1: My dog has a tumour, I can't come into work for 2 weeks, its all the family i have.

P2: Yeah whatever Nobby, go EAD!
by Mopey November 8, 2005
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Short acronym for:

Eat A Dick.
Originated from the mmorpg game WoW, By the guild Intensity. After winning a massive battle, the leader of the guild spamed in the game EAD Mother Fuckers.
Mispelling the word 'Dead'. Hence how the word 'ead' orginated.
After sometime, EAD is now known as a short acronym for

Eat A Dick.
intensity leader: EAD Mother Fuckers.
by Dr.Ew June 17, 2009
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I can't write that report today, I'm eading.
by Dorian Storme May 1, 2013
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