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Short acronym for:

Eat A Dick.
Originated from the mmorpg game WoW, By the guild Intensity. After winning a massive battle, the leader of the guild spamed in the game EAD Mother Fuckers.
Mispelling the word 'Dead'. Hence how the word 'ead' orginated.
After sometime, EAD is now known as a short acronym for

Eat A Dick.
intensity leader: EAD Mother Fuckers.
by Dr.Ew June 17, 2009
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A Heroic paladin in the 17th century, established and defended the castle of Foreo.

Offically dubbed a Knight of Intensity in 1640AD, By king Pee. Jvanilla iv (forth).
Person 1: you remind me of a famous Knight.

Person 2: really?, what is he known for.

Person 1: Being fully conquerors.

Person 2: whats thats mean, and whats he's name?

Person 1: its means to be deadly assasin, and he's name is

The Xanuls
by Dr.Ew June 17, 2009
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