I can't write that report today, I'm eading.
by Dorian Storme May 1, 2013
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1) a three letter acronym for "EAT A DICK"

2) A shortcut to tell someone to go eat a dick

EAD dale!~
by D0uGY January 6, 2003
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Why did John punch you?
I told him to EAD.
by McOrgasm November 16, 2015
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Military slang for Eat a Dick. Generally means that you've just been given a shitty task that noone wants to do.
by Yuppivore March 29, 2011
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EADS, or European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company is the second largest defense company in the world with revenues of over 30 billion euros. It owns, among other companies, Airbus, which is the make of the gigantic A380. It also created the Eurofighter and is competing for the U.S. Tanker bid worth about 100 billion dollars. It is the true European company.
Jack: Yo, I saw EADS is working on a stealth combat drone that can do Air to Air fights.
Daniel: Wow, Boeing is gonna shit their pants.
by Smartaz January 31, 2006
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Eat a dick- the process of masticating the male penis.
Damn. She was on that hoe shit last night.. so i just told her to Eat-a-dick (EAD) !
by bigtittywill July 2, 2010
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An amazing person with an EXTRA LARGE SIZE SUPER DUPER AMAZING BIG COCK. They love s3x and m00z pr0nz
That guy is the size of EADES!
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