to get a fat chick, fold the fat together then have sex with the crease
by earsex isnice September 27, 2007
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Scouser slang used to encourge someone to hurry up.
Come 'ead la or we'll be at the end of the dole que all morning
by ChatMaster November 12, 2013
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the hottest guy on the face of this earth. nick stokes on 'csi'.
by R.o.g. May 6, 2005
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a really hot guy who plays 'nick stokes' on csi.
csi was on last thursday on cbs... that george eads is hot as ever!
by csizer November 27, 2003
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Elliot eades is an absolute cunt and is the type of person who would get drunk at a party to the point where he is an absolute mess. elliot would also never be willing to give lifts as he is a self-centred arrogant twat.
elliot eades can suck my massive clundge
by deccymassivedick October 18, 2016
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Another term for a man with a BMI of 30 and up or weighs at least 200lbs/91kg along with a potbellied stomach for which he/she doesn't realize.
Boy: Old Melonhead, you are a sacka EAD.
Father: Oh, I'm just fat, but what about you?
Boy: I ain't got no sacka EAD, Melon. You're the one with the belly and not me.
by TeshawnEdmonds00 June 12, 2007
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Originating somerset, UK
Well ow 'bout beer, then?
You domer ead!
by J January 11, 2005
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