a generic yet abrasive comeback to a verbal attack
John: Hey Melissa you freaking suck at flip cup
Melissa: Eat a dick
by halfjap October 27, 2005
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the comeback of all comebacks
can be used in any situation, instant shutdown

also can be used to reject somenoe
lewis: life is like a fairytale, i still love you

alison: eat a dick

mikey: oi your a shit cunt
jeremy: eat a dick
mikey: is that all you've got?
jeremy: eat a dick
mikey: yeah i thought so
jeremy: eat a dick
mikey: fine, you win
jeremy: yeah thats right eat a dick
by nevetSteven January 8, 2011
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a phrase to convey anger. most effective against extremely obtuse straight males as it implies that they are homosexual.
Bill pushes Tom.
Tom tells Bill to "eat a dick".
Bill looks hurt and bewildered.
by Stacky August 27, 2003
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1- Hey man, you hungry?
2- Yeah man, I'm fuckin' starving
1- Really? You should go eat a dick.
by dannyisajew September 16, 2003
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... back to the late sixties; Eat a dick; nice way of saying suck a dick.
by JeffDillon January 1, 2017
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the word is what it means, to literally go eat a dick
"hay how about you go eat a dick, you fuck face"
by WungJu May 8, 2003
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A phrase used in an argument, directing the listener to accept a male genitalia orally. Usually ends arguments and begins fights.
Random driver: <i>"You know what mother fucker, eat a dick man I'm tired of this..."</i>

Tom: *Missile drop kicks man in chest*
by jbwilliams4 August 24, 2009
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